About Urbanfrog:

Based in Dublin, we Design, Manufacture and sell our very own Cycling Gear. Urbanfrog is all about Versaitlity, High Performance and Quality. An Irish label, founded by Angie & Vivienne, keen cyclists, we specialise in Merino clothing, aimed towards the Cyclists, yet versatile enough for any outdoor persuit! We say Embrace the Great Outdoors : Urbanfrog clothing is tailored to exacting standards, specifically to be worn both on and off the bike. The miracle no smell aspect of merino and casually understated designs has seen Skiiers,Triathaletes, Runners, Hillwalkers and Horse Riders all enjoying the unique performance qualities of Urbanfrog Merino. Versatility is Paramount in our design process.

 After lots and lots of really really hard work,  we achieved our goal of creating a range of great cycling tops/baselayers. We specialise in Merino Wool, with real focus on women. Put any thought of wool out of your head,Our Merino Wool is different, new, innovative-so much so- we guarantee you won't believe this superfine fibre is wool and if you're not happy with your purchase, just return and we'll refund you in full! To Date, not one compalint have we had..... quite the opposite!

We're offering a choice, a fresh approach to cycle wear.. The more elite athlete, cyclist, runner and  triathalon enthusiast is now taking notice of us and appreciating the unique benefits of Merino, which is fantastic! We wanted something for the Urban cyclist. Blind enthusiasm, grit and determination is what it's taken to create Urbanfrog - We have designed everything, from logo to final product, we did it all. We are getting great reviews from all levels of cyclist, some wearing as tops, others as base layers under club jerseys.

 We 100% stand by our Brand, the Quality is commented on over and over, the Performance is outstanding, and of course ethics and fairness in the workplace is paramount....NO CHILD LABOUR / SWEAT SHOP WORK PRACTICES are used, yeah you might have to pay a bit more- but as mothers we feel for this peace of mind it's well worth it, and we will always endeavour to offer you the best service in an effort to make your Urbanfrog experience something worth talking about.........









We've come a long way from the idea, to attending an Enterprise Ireland Business Start Up course in 2009, to June 2010 when we attended Bikeweeks Closing event in The Phoenix Park, Dublin showcasing Urbanfrog for the first time (it alll sounds so simple)....We look back now and it seems like madness that we actually stood in the Park all day long, with a few proto-types to hand, showcasing our tops! With no stock and the bones of a website,  we happily spoke to a steady stream of visitors about our products and the vision we had for Urbanfrog ......once we were up and running that was!! We laugh about it now, it never once crossed our minds that people might not like them! Being local girls to the park we knew it was important for us to be there, and we took heart from all the interest and good luck wishes. The day was a success with plenty of positive feedback-Phew!!!

After a year of really hard work, late October 2010 arrived, as did our stock . The Website was live, We were in business..... The nerves went!  We have always had complete faith and belief in Urbanfrog, We knew we had an extraordinary fabric in Merino, We knew we'd designed a fantastic range of tops full of vibrant colours that we had painstakingly decided upon, but we also knew that even with all the research in the world, nothing was guaranteed. We now had the daunting task of selling these tops.

We had a welcome boost to the morale at the start of October, when after throwing our hat in for Dublin 15 Business and Community Awards, We Won! "Best New Start Up 2010!!" - A Fantastic endorsement. We were also featured in the Irish Times Magazine that very same weekend, and we were gradually being stocked in more and more shops, we were ticking along, not breaking any records, but we had to keep reminding ourselves, it takes time to build a brand, we were only 8 weeks old, and our tops were selling, feedback was great, our customers weren't just liking Urbanfrog tops, they were loving them -what a relief, we had, after all, invested all our savings!!

We always knew we just had to get people wearing them to understand how great they are, We are constantly working on getting awareness of us out there, after all, if you don't know we exist, how can we grow? We have had a few great breaks for which we are thankful, things were beginning to happen, we were featured in The Sunday Business Post and Headed down to Newstalk, invited in by George Hook, to take part in his "Kickstart your Business" slot, such a Gent, and a passionate advocate of Merino Wool as outdoor clothing, he did us proud by endorsing our product to a National audience. Ben Marchant (a proper hardcore cyclist) on Spoke.ie also endorsed Urbanfrog cycling gear with a great review, we were delighted with our progress and really enjoying all the positive feedback we were getting - and still are.

Our vision is to be a company with a difference, we don't want to be faceless and corporate . We want to be a brand you can trust, we want you to feel you can approach us, happy and comfortable whilst doing so. We love hearing from you, our customer, and we are genuinely overwhelmed by the feedback and the kind words of encouragement that we have received to date, we welcome every word. We really enjoy talking to our customers and look on the shops we are stocked in as our partners, having built relationships with them we really do enjoy working alonside them all.

Urbanfrog is an Ethical Irish Brand, we've licenced a manufacture in the EU that promote ethics and fainess in the workplace, something, that especially as mothers, is of utmost importance to us. No Child Labour or Sweat Shop work practices is something we can completely Guarantee. Merino is a Natural, Sustainable, Biodegradeable fabric, in these times it's nice for us all to try and do "our bit" and this ties in nicely with our belief that packaging has had it's day. Everything nowadays is so over-packaged -Who needs it? Who wants it? Let's face it- where does it all end up? We're making a stand.... We are all about the product, that's what you're paying for with us, a good quality, durable top.

So there you have it, our story so far, what we are all about and what we want to be. We are now looking forward to the year ahead with much hope and enthusiasm, we will, of course keep you updated here and on Facebook to let you know what we're up to and where we'll be throughout the year. Please do keep the feedback coming, and In the meantime, we wish you Happy, Safe Cycling.

Ang & Viv xx