When you say GSM, What does that mean?

We'll keep it simple.... it’s the fabric weight. Grams per square Meter of Fabric. Different weights suit different climates and temperatures, Summer or Winter - here's a quick overview of the weights/GSM's we use and what seasons they are best suited to!

Merino  has natural water-repellant, flame retardant, odor-resistant, anti-static, and UV-protective qualities. This Natural, Sustainable, Bio-Degradeable fibre provides a natural Air conditioning to your body when conditions are warm and retains heat when it's cold, our products are manufactured within the EU in an environment that promotes ethics and fairness in the workplace, so you really can feel good about having Urbanfrog next to your skin.

200gsm - Four Season
This Mid-weight 200gsm is a four season fabric, suitable all year round, we’ve the 200gsm weight for all of our Mens and Ladies Long Sleeved tops and Mens Tees. You would expect this fabric to be warm, which it is; but it is also exceptionally breathable, so that it delivers a natural air-conditioning in the Summer and comfortable warmth in the Winter.

170gsm - Warmer conditions
The lightest of the series is 170 GSM and it is as suitable for the late Spring, Summer, early Autumn seasons, in other words, these tops are perfect for warm weather conditions. We’ve used this weight for all our fabulous Ladies Tanks and Tees. This weight guarantees ultimate comfort at all times, no matter how much you exert yourself in warm conditions, we've put them through their paces so can stand by these tops 100%.

360gsm - Cooler/Cold conditions
The Urbanfrog Zip boasts 360GSM. Fantastic breathable insulation for Cold Weather Conditions, which we do see alot of here in Ireland!  But no bother, this weight will see you right the way through the Winter up to those fresh Spring Mornings and Cool Autumn evenings. A great alternative to the chunky, non breathable and dare we say shapeless fleece!