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Product Overview

"My Urbanfrog Merino buff performed fab at 3200 Mtrs in the snow! So cycling in Ireland is a breeze! We had others on test & yours won by a mile Comfy,warm,breathable yet felt invisible" Paul Harmon:





KEEPS THE BUGS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH IN THE SUMMER & THE COLD AT BAY IN THE WINTER...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Once reserved for elite athletes, the Benefits of our Pure Merino Buff are staggering. Naturally anti-bacterial, highly Comfortable and of course merino's natural ability to Regulate your Core BodyTemperature makes this a Multi-Season Must Have! Our Merino Buff will keep bugs out of your Mouth in warmer conditions and yet provides warmth to the sensitive neck/ear/face in colder conditions. A Perfect Accessory for your Daily Commute or Training Ride.

It's great wearing a natural fibre next to your skin too..Wear Any which Way:  Neck Gaiter-Face Protector-Headband-Bandana


Great for all Outdoor Persuits....                                                                                                                                            
Measurements Length : 38cm   1/2 Width  22cm   - Not too long not too Short...Perfect length for Cyclists. 100% Pure Supersoft  New Zealand Merino....the best in the world!. Flatlock Stitching for extra comfort & to avoid Chafing.