Why Merino?


A Natural Fibre, Merino is Sustainable Year on Year....... 

Multi-climate   : Embrace the Great outdoors!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hailed The Miracle Fibre Keeps you Cool in Summer  & Warm in Winter. Merino is naturally thermal neutral, responding to changes to the micro climate of your body. Summer or Winter, Merino Performs and regulates your core body temperature.While synthetics are passive, Merino is active, reacting to changes in ones body temperature to keep you warm by retaining heat when you're cold but releasing heat and moisture when you're hot, thus keeping you cool when it's hot.

Odour Resistant .....Humans Sweat - FACT-

Merino has an amazing capacity to absorb moisture, helping draw sweat away from the skin and releasing it into the air,  its natural anti-bacterial properties ensure odour resistance. You may be surprised to hear that sweat doesn't actually smell, it's only when it sits on your skin that odour causing bacteria is produced which then multiplies. Merino, unlike most synthetics, has a natural ability to actively move sweat away from the skin and release it as vapour. You can go weeks without washing your Urbanfrog Top...honestly! No More Smelliness or Uncomfortable Stickiness : a plus for you, your friends and the environment!



In extreme exertion, you need a garment that 'breathes', which means it must be able to absorb moisture vapour and allow it to escape. No fabric does that quite like Merino -  Merino is different to synthetics - it's natural,  man made, chemically based fibres are not, so can only offer limited breathability and moisture absorbtion. Once merino is worn you'll never go back to synthetics, that's the overwhelming message Merino lovers repeated over and over again to us whilst we were researching this whole idea, so we tried and tested and, although it's the obvious statement... We Agree!! Which means we can 100% stand by the outstanding performance and breathability of our brand!!

Moisture Control Management

Merino absorbs moisture (up to 1/3 of its weight) and releases it into the air, but unlike cotton and many other fabrics, Merino retains warmth when wet, helping wearers avoid hypothermia, that awful chill factor and the feeling of wetness after strenuous workouts or weather events.

UV Protection

Studies have shown Merino offers a natural UV protection of UPF40+ providing great protection from the suns harmful rays, much better than most other fabrics on the market.

Easy Care

No need to treat your Urbanfrog top like a new born baby. Machine Washable @ 40 degrees normal cycle with like colours is just fine.  A wool specific detergent is about all the care that's recommended. As it's odour resistant you will soon come to appreciate how little your Urbanfrog top needs washing. We know it's hard to imagine, we felt the same..... Yuck...... How could you not wash a top you work out in after every use? well believe us, these tops can go weeks without washing, natural anti-bacterial properties allow this fabric to resist smells produced by sweating- it's great-less washing can only be a good thing!  Merino is quick drying and if you are ironing  (although we find you don't need to), just use a cool setting.


The natural elasticity of the Merino fibres means they stretch with the wearer, but then return to their natural shape so there is less chance of garments sagging or losing their shape - we all like that.


 Merino is so much finer than other types of wool and feels luxuriously gentle against your skin, so don't panic, you won't be cycling about in anything that even remotely resembles an Aran Jumper! So soft even babies can wear next to their sensitive skin-promise! So Superfine you won't believe it's wool! This innovative new fabric wasn't even available 10 years ago.


A Natural Product, Merino Wool is authentically sustainable, renewable and bio-degradable. In todays climate it just makes sense to support the Merino Industry as well as the world we live in.

Merino also has natural water-repellant, flame retardant,  anti-static, and UV-protective qualities. And since Merino is 90 percent keratin — the same fibrous protein found in human hair and skin — you can feel good about having it next to your skin.

Micron Measurement

A Micron is a unit of measure (one millionth of a meter) that describes the average fibre diameter staple of wool. During the late 1970s it evolved to be the dominant term used commercially, replacing the yarn or spinning count as a description of wool's fineness. We at Urbanfrog use 18.5 - 19.5 Micron grade for all our tops, so  bearing in mind Semi-processed luxury fibers such as cashmere range in the 14-20 micron range, this should give you an idea, even a visual of the fineness and softness of our range..

Merino Sheep

Merino Sheep have to cope with extreme weather conditions, from icy cold winters to swealtering hot summers, their fleeces enabling survival. We at Urbanfrog recognise these qualities, and, as cyclists with our own extreme weather conditions, it really just makes sense to specialise in Merino.

  Wool has evolved, it's moved on, and Merino sheep are leading the way, Highly Breathable, Superfine Merino performs like no other, in the summer the lighter weights (gsms) ensure a natural air conditioning to the body, allowing your skin to breathe. In the Winter, Merino ensures a comfortable warmth, regulating your core body temperature. Merino has been used by Antarctic explorers to stay warm and Bedouin desert tribesmen to stay cool. No other material offers this versatility at the extreme temperature ranges.

  Merino is new, it's different - remove any image you have of wool in your head.  These new, breakthrough, Innovative fabrics weren't even available 10 years ago and are constantly being improved upon.  We are licencees of Australian Wool Innovation. Urbanfrog Merino is outstanding in it's quality, is Superfine, Non-Itch and completely Machine Washable , Coupled with the fact that Merino is Natural, Sutainable year on year and a Bio-Degradeable fabric it was an easy decision for us to support the Merino Industy as well as  the world we live in........